MA/PhD Certificate

The Program in Disability Studies Offers an MA/PhD Certificate

Flexible, interdisciplinary, and student-centered, the Certificate in Disability Studies offers graduate students throughout the University the opportunity to deepen their scholarship and join a vibrant learning community. Home of The Journal of Philosophy of Disability and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Georgetown is a leader in Disability Studies scholarship; the Certificate offers graduate students the opportunity to participate in this dynamic, innovative community.

This certificate is available to all matriculated Georgetown MA or PhD graduate students, with the approval of their home department and the DS director. It will be awarded on the completion of 12 credit-hours of Disability Studies course work. 


To complete the Certificate, students may take any graduate-level courses from the list below, and may also take individual tutorials on disability-related subjects, or advanced undergraduate courses. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive. If students identify other courses that provide significant opportunities to engage with disability in theory or practice, they should present them to the Director for approval. There are no required courses. Course descriptions can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s registration site.

DBST 424 Disability Studies Seminar
ENGL 443 Gender and Care in Modern US Poetry
ENGL 720 Introduction to Disability Studies
ENGL 724 Queer Memoir: Theory and Practice
INAF 694 Refugee/Humanitarian Crises
INAF 698 Intro to Humanitarian Crises
LAWJ 754 Epidemiology
PHIL 441 Bioethics and the ‘Abnormal’ Body
PHIL 442 The Ethics and Politics of Weight and Eating
PHIL 446 Ethics of Embodiment
PHIL 759 Political Philosophy of the Body
PHIL/DBST 439 Topics in Philosophy of Disability
PHIL 690 Phenomenology of Embodiment
PHIL 695 The Gene: Genomics, Disability, and Society
STIA 459 People, Plagues, Technology
THEO 351 Disability and the Jewish Bible
THEO 510 Religion and Gender


If you are interested in the DS Certificate, please first talk to your graduate advisor to coordinate how this fits in with your graduate program. Then, please fill out this form, obtain your advisor’s signature, and map a path of 12 credits.

Students must declare and obtain approval for the DS Certificate by April 1 of their graduation semester, but preferably by early in the second year of their graduate studies.

For more information about the DS Certificate, please contact Quill Kukla, Director, The Program in Disability Studies.