Undergraduate Research FAQ

Point of Contact

Prof. Joel Michael Reynolds, Program Director, jr1899@georgetown.edu.

Philosophy of research

Research is defined in different ways across this discipline depending on the approach of the researcher.

How to get started

Both the introductory course and core courses involve research. The program is interdisciplinary, so research also heavily depends on what discipline a student is based in.

How to get connected with a faculty mentor

We only have a minor so this doesn’t come up very often. When it does, it’s an ad hoc process where the program director talks to students about who on campus might be good to connect with.

Earning credit for undergraduate research

Students can earn credit for independent study with any of the program’s professors.

Getting paid for research

There are not currently opportunities for students to get paid for research.

Thesis or capstone research

There is not currently a thesis or capstone course for this program.