DBST 270 Introduction to Disability Studies (Burke)

DBST 424 Disability Studies Seminar (Brown)
EDIJ 253 Children with Disabilities (Long)
EDIJ 242 Educating the Whole Child (Gasoi)
ENGL/DBST 268 Disability and the Arts (Fink)
THEO 074 Disability, Ethics, and EcoJustice (Belser)
WBST 234 Feminist Disability Studies (Brown)
WRIT 015-09, WRIT 015-16 Composing Dis/Abiility at Georgetown (Danylevich) CAN BE APPLIED TO CORE WITH SPECIAL PERMISSION OF THE DIRECTOR

ANTH 250 Introduction to Medical Anthropology (Onder)
BIO 373 Developmental Biology (Cunningham)
EDIJ 401 Education, Inquiry, and Justice (Wesley-Nero)
HSCI/HESY 160 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (Riley)
HSCI/HESY 010 Healthcare in America (Suh)
IDST 109 Health Inequites in the Time of Covd (Danlyvich)
JCIV 175 The Holocaust: Gender and Racial Ideology (Sommer)
MUSC 225/TPST 125 Improvising for Social Change (Hammond)
PHIL 105 Bioethics (Bishop)
PHlL 435 Global Justice and the Environment (Taiwo)
PSYC 343 Anxiety and Related Disorders (Bonjor)
SOCI 3709 Sociology of Health and Illness (Newma)
SPAN 021 Intermediate Spanish (Moreno)
THEO 023 Christian Initiation (Koester)
TPST 130 Play Analysis (Evans)
TPST 242 Performing LGBTQ+ Histories (Williams/Subbaraman)
WGST 141-03 Introduction to Sexuality Studies (Forrest)
WGST 141-01/02 Introduction to Sexuality Studies (Sizemore-Barber)
WRIT 015-35 Rhetoric and Wellness (Danylevich)
ECON 156 Poverty and Inequality (Ravallion)