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Disability Studies gives students tools to analyze how societies and individuals grapple with physical and mental differences, and explores how disability is embedded in culture and shaped by stigma and social power. (image credit)

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A deeper understanding of disability

Students increasingly recognize that gaining a deeper understanding of disability experience is a critical element in their education, and one that will help prepare them for a growing number of careers. Drawing from rich offerings in disciplines as varied as anthropology, bioethics, English, health systems administration, nursing, philosophy, psychology, theater and performance studies, theology, and women’s and gender studies, the minor in disability studies will enable students to explore this critical facet of human diversity in an in-depth fashion as it relates to their major field of study and to their professional aspirations.

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We ask that all students interested in declaring the minor this Spring complete the interest form by March 31st. If you have questions, please email Professor Kukla at rk75@georgetown.edu or Professor Rifkin at lsr@georgetown.edu.

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Image description: Elliot sits, facing the camera and smiling. He has short, pink hair and a nose piercing and is wearing a knit, cream colored sweater. Ben stands and smiles at the camera. He has short, slightly curly brown hair and is wearing a blue suit with a red striped tie. And Dillion smiles at the camera and is wearing a black sweater. She has blonde hair that is pulled back.


2023 Learning in Practice Fellowships Awarded

This year, with support from the Provost’s Innovation in Teaching Award as well as generous funding from Catrina and Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi (Parents‘24), the Disability Studies Program has granted three Learning in Practice Fellowships to Elliot Lloyd (C‘24), Ben Oestericher (SFS‘25) and Dillon Leet (L‘25).

March 6, 2023

From left to right: Lily Touret (MSB '23), Winnie Ho (CAS'25), Jamia Ross (SOH '22), LaHannah Giles (CAS'23), Natalie Price-Fudge (CAS'26)


Did the Suffragist Movement Rely on Racism? New Play Explores Hidden History

“‘Bitter Flower’ is about a profound conflict between Jane Addams and Ida B. Wells-Barnett,” explains Fink, a professor in the Department of English and core faculty in the Disability Studies Program. “The play asks us to confront the racist foundations of the women’s suffrage movement so a truly egalitarian movement can flower.”

November 4, 2022

Georgetown Campus in the Fall


Academic Journal Founded by College Professor Provides Focal Point for Disability Studies

The Journal of Philosophy of Disability, launched last year by Joel Michael Reynolds, is celebrating the publication of its second issue this November. Founded to examine questions of “disability, broadly construed,” it is the official journal of the Society for Philosophy and Disability and the first of its kind in a field defined by its intrinsic interdisciplinarity.

September 29, 2022